Cheap Car Insurance Companies

Of the nine major auto insurance providers in our annual study, USAA, Geico, and State Farm consistently have the lowest annual rates for the driver groups we examined. This includes premiums for good drivers as well as for those who may have had a speeding ticket. These insurers also may be money-savers for teenage and senior drivers.

Keep in mind that shopping around and comparing quotes from different insurance companies is the best way to find the cheapest car insurance for you.

What Is the Cheapest Car Insurance Company?

For motorists with a clean driving record, USAA has some of the lowest rates in our car insurance study. It earns top ratings from its customers, and it has the lowest annual rates for drivers with a clean record and those shopping for minimum coverage. USAA also has the lowest car insurance premiums for motorists with a speeding ticket or an accident on their driving record.

Coverage from USAA is only available to members of the military community who qualify, however.
Geico offers cheaper car insurance than most of the providers in our study, USAA excepted. It is also one of the best car insurance companies in our ratings, with great reviews from policyholders. Our study found that Geico has the lowest rates for drivers with a clean record, drivers with poor credit, and teen drivers.

State Farm is an excellent choice if you need affordable car insurance, but have a less-than-perfect driving record. Our study found that State Farm has the lowest average cost of car insurance after a DUI. Its rates are also among the most affordable if you have a speeding ticket or an accident on your record.

The rates in our study are based on new customers shopping for insurance and can help you get an idea of how much you may pay for auto insurance with a new insurer. Keep in mind that car insurance rates are highly individualized. Your actual rate will depend on several factors, including where you live, the car you drive, and your credit scores. Insurers also rely on your driving record, and some infractions, like a speeding ticket, a DUI, or an at-fault accident, may increase your rates or make it harder to purchase a policy.

Cheap Car Insurance for Good Drivers:

Good drivers who aren’t eligible for a USAA policy are likely to find the cheapest car insurance rates with Geico.

Cheapest for Good Drivers

Geico’s annual rate of $1,148 is $295 less than the national average, a savings of more than 20%. Our latest customer survey data also indicates that most Geico policyholders are satisfied with their customer service experience and are likely to recommend the insurer to other people shopping for car insurance.

Accidents, speeding tickets, and other traffic violations can lead to higher rates, regardless of which insurer you choose. Keeping your driving record clean can help you secure the lowest rates and good driver discounts.

Cheap Car Insurance for Teen Drivers:
Our data indicate that Geico has the cheapest car insurance rates for most teen drivers, regardless of gender. Members of the military community may want to consider USAA instead, as it is slightly less expensive.

The average national rates for teen drivers range from $4,860 to $5,503, but Geico policyholders may be able to save up to 35%. Geico’s average rate for 17-year-old female drivers is $3,166 a year, or $1,694 less than the national average. Its average rate for male drivers in that same age bracket is $3,555, which beats the national average by $1,948.

Cheap Car Insurance for Senior Drivers:
Male and female 60-year-olds have the lowest rates of all age groups in our study, and their annual premiums are typically lower than the national average. Seniors looking for the cheapest insurance should consider Geico, which has the overall lowest rates in our study.

On average, drivers in this group pay between $1,245 and $1,282 a year for auto insurance, depending on their gender. Geico’s rates are around 18% lower, ranging from $1,049 to $1,085 a year. It’s worth noting that USAA’s rates for 60-year-old drivers are significantly lower than both the national average and Geico’s rates. As such, individuals who are eligible may want to consider USAA car insurance first.

Cheap Car Insurance for Military Community:
Several auto insurers offer discounts for military members and their families, but if you are a member of the military community, consider USAA.

USAA consistently offers some of the lowest rates in our study. With USAA, a good driver can expect rates that are 31% lower than the national average. USAA also has the lowest rates for several subcategories we reviewed, including teen drivers, senior drivers, drivers with a speeding ticket or accident on their record, and drivers seeking minimum coverage.

If you’re considering USAA, keep in mind that its insurance products are limited to active and veteran military members and their families.

Cheap Car Insurance After a Speeding Ticket: State Farm
Avoiding speed violations is the best way to get cheap car insurance rates, but if it’s too late for that, try State Farm.

After a speeding ticket, drivers may see higher premiums. Our data indicate that insurers increase rates by an average of 23% for drivers with a single speeding ticket. State Farm only increased their rates by an average of 11%, the smallest increase among providers in our study. Drivers with a speeding ticket can expect an average State Farm rate of $1,409. That’s a $358 savings when compared to the national average of $1,767.

A single speeding ticket doesn’t mean you’ll pay higher rates for the rest of your life, but most insurers will increase your premium for at least three years, if not more. Shopping around and comparing auto insurance rates after a speeding ticket can help you find the cheapest premiums.

Cheap Car Insurance After an Accident: State Farm
The national average rate for drivers with an accident on their record is $2,041. That’s 29% higher than the average rate for drivers with a clean record. Next to USAA, State Farm’s rate is the lowest in our study. At $1,516 a year, it beats the national rate by 26%, yielding a savings of $525 annually.

Cheapest for After an Accident
Cheap Car Insurance After a DUI: State Farm
For most drivers, a DUI will lead to a significant rate increase. A policy with State Farm may make paying for auto insurance more manageable.

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