Coco Lee’s husband will seek investigation to dispel rumors of her death

He was cursed by his fans at his late wife’s memorial service and then attacked at his funeral.

Yesterday (August 7), Hong Kong media reported that the late pop star Coco Lee will seek an investigation to dispel rumors about the cause of death of her estranged husband, Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz.

Contrary to accusations that Rockowitz kicked Coco out of their home, an insider – said to be her friend – told HK01 that Coco had decided to relocate voluntarily to a penthouse in Four Seasons Place serviced apartments.

“When Coco returned to Hong Kong from China in August 2021, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Possibly on the advice of a feng shui master who said that the energy flow of their home was detrimental to the health of women, especially cancer patients, Coco decided to move for good. ,” an insider claimed.

An insider also claimed that Rockowitz “fully financed” Coco’s stay in the loft and that she could return home whenever she wanted.

Rockowitz also allegedly covered all of Coco’s expenses and received none of her earnings that went to her family instead.

An insider claimed that Rockowitz had taken care of his every need. “Whenever he wanted, he would come back to collect his belongings or get anything he needed. If he needed something, he would ask Bruce’s team to get it for him.”

Speaking to the South China Morning Post (SCMP) recently, Rockowitz said he was “deeply sad” by Coco’s death and was saddened to see “fake news and rumors” spread.

“I know Coco will be horrified by what’s going on with all these lies and fake news. That’s definitely not something Coco would have wanted,” she said.


Coco’s sister, Nancy, also responded to the SCMP at Rockowitz’s request for an investigation: “When we met with the coroner, we requested a full autopsy report on Coco’s death. The report could take four to six months to complete.”

The Coroner’s Court lists suicide as one of the 20 types of death that can be reported, but this does not guarantee that an investigation will be made.

Rockowitz and Coco had been separated for over two years when she died and were reportedly due to sign their divorce papers last month.

Since she is not legally divorced from Coco, she can apply to have her cause of death investigated.

Coco died on July 5 at the age of 48. Reportedly, a lot of blood was flowing from his left wrist after he got out of his bathroom on July 2.

Since then, the 65-year-old Rockowitz, under scrutiny, has even released a statement about Coco’s assets: “I respect Coco’s regulations regarding personal property.”


Her name was omitted from Coco’s obituary, and Nancy claimed that most of Coco’s evening dresses went from Rockowitz’s house.

Attorney Albert Luk told the SCMP: “If it was a suicide, then it was a suicide unless there were signs that there might be a medical error. But in this case, there seems to be nothing suspicious.”

Luk later mentioned that Coco’s sisters or mother might not be willing to investigate, which could mean “putting everything under the microscope”.

“Sometimes, family members are reluctant to open an investigation to show respect to their loved ones,” Luk said.


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