Crazy fans flock to the ten-year concert of the Chinese idol group, which has sold out tickets, merchandise and hotels

TFBOYS 7th anniversary concert is held online on August 22.  Photo courtesy of NetEase

TFBOYS 7th anniversary concert is held online on August 22, 2020. Photo courtesy of NetEase

The ten-year concert of the popular Chinese idol group The Fighting Boys (TFBOYS) has garnered a lot of attention offline and online, with huge numbers of fans flocking to their concert in Xi’an, causing a ticket-buying spree, hot selling items, and fully booked hotels.

Composed of three members: Wang Junkai (Karry Wang), Yi Yangqianxi (Jackson Yee) and Wang Yuan (Roy Wang), TFBOYS held their 10th anniversary concert on August 6, 2013, where the members came together on Sunday evening. 12 or 13 years old. Within a year, the group became one of the most popular artists in China with their hit song “Manual of Youth”.

For many fans, the concert is a memory of their youth and perhaps the last group performance of the three teen idols.

On Damai, China’s leading online ticketing platform for live events, tickets are divided into six tiers ranging from 580 yuan ($81) to 2,013 yuan, with more than 6.89 million people expressing a desire to attend the concert as of Sunday. The first batch of over 33,000 tickets was snatched in seconds when it went on sale on July 24.

Xi’an has almost become the “TFBOYS theme city”, with a large number of TFBOYS posters affixed to subways, bus stops and shopping malls. Video clips on social media showed a series of frenzied fans running through the security point at the concert venue after ticket control opened, causing a temporary loss of control during the security process.

Fans were also able to watch the concert online with a one-year validity period after purchasing tickets online for 39 yuan or 99 yuan from China’s leading online video site Youku. More than 1.56 million people booked tickets on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday at 19:50, the concert started with the song “Manual of Youth” by TFBOYS, and hashtags related to TFBOYS almost occupied the agenda on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo.

Besides tickets, TFBOYS’ 10th anniversary products and events were popular items, including support t-shirts, shoes, shorts, scarves, bucket hats, mini fans, and notepads, priced from 30 to 558 yuan. Currently the best selling product is the support t-shirt of TFBOYS, with the price of 198 yuan, whose sales alone can earn about 200,000 yuan per month.

The influx of TFBOYS fans booked hotel in Xi’an city.

On the online travel booking platform Feizhu, hotel bookings in Xi’an from Friday to Saturday increased by nearly 50 times compared to the same period in 2022. The period of 2022, when more than 70 percent of bookings are made by users under the age of 30, according to Chinese delivery giant Meituan.

Budget hotels in Xi’an, located about two to three kilometers from the concert venue and usually cost only 100 to 200 yuan per day, were priced between 400 and 500 yuan per day.

The concert ignited the whole city and created an economic and tourism momentum.

After the “King of Mandopop” Jay Chou held tour concerts in Haikou city from June 29 to July 2, the city’s culture and tourism official said that the concerts brought 976 million yuan tourist expenditure to the local economy for four days and attracted the attention of the audience. more than 150,000 people with more than 90,000 visitors from other cities.

Entertainment and grand event revenue from performances totaled approximately 16.8 billion yuan in the first half of 2023, an increase of 673.49 percent compared to the same period last year, according to the China Performing Arts Association. The number of shows, which included large-scale concerts and music festivals, reached 506, generating about 2.5 billion yuan box office revenue with approximately 5.5 million attendees.

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