FIFTY FIFTY Fans Call for Boycott Against Purchase of Group’s Album

Members are still in conflict with their agencies.

Fans of the rookie K-Pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY warn about the purchase of the band’s album.

In the past days, official social media accounts announced that pre-orders were opened for FIFTY FIFTY.Beginning Mini album to be released on September 22.

FIFTY FIFTY fans were shocked and annoyed by the post. Many asked about the members themselves and put the hashtag #FreeFiftyFifty.

The girl group known for their hit song “Cupid” is currently in a legal conflict with their label. Fascination. In June, all four filed lawsuits against their agencies to suspend their contracts. Their legal representatives shared why they opened the case. Earlier, ATTRAKT blamed an outer tag, later it turned out to be Warner Music KoreaFifty Fifty members trying to kidnap.

This is Barun Law, the law firm representing FIFTY FIFTY’s Sio, Saena, Aran and Keen (hereinafter referred to as members).

The four members, through their legal representatives, applied to the Seoul Central District Court on June 19 for a temporary suspension of their private contracts. The trial is currently ongoing. This is because ATTRAKT violates the terms of the contract and damages the trust between the two parties.

Members have yet to give a response as the trial continues. We sent a letter to the company asking for the bugs to be corrected and pointed out several issues. Still, ATTRAKT has repeatedly explained its position to the media, without trying to explain the real demands.

Despite their young age, the four members tried to think and act independently. After fully discussing with their parents, they came to raise the issue with our help. ATTRAKT does not listen to members’ views, instead saying it ‘fails to clarify the accusations that outside forces are trying to kidnap members and that their parties are in breach of contract’. The members were also very disappointed and disappointed that Aran’s surgery was disclosed without consulting all parties involved.

Members questioned several situations in which ATTRAKT did not faithfully fulfill its contractual obligations, such as a lack of transparency in financial documents and unilateral attempts to promote the group despite members’ health problems. We would also like to point out that this [lawsuit] It was a decision made by four members without any outside interference.

The members know how important this is to them and how many people around them are worried about them. When they first started practicing, they wanted to be artists who could make a good impact on others. The four members wanted to avoid arguing or hiding the wrong things. They made this decision independently, without any lies, to ensure that they could move forward on the right path.

We kindly request that ATTRAKT not slander any more FIFTY FIFTY members.

The four members want to appear in front of their fans as soon as possible. They promise to continue to be more sincere and independent as artists.

We sincerely ask you to avoid speculative articles to avoid further victims due to unverified claims.

Thank you.

— Barun Law

Knowing that the Fifty Fifty and ATTRAKT lawsuits are yet to be concluded, fans are warning everyone to boycott and not buy the albums. They are afraid that members will not receive money from the sales.

Fans also likened the situation to another K-Pop girl group LOONA. Their fandom has also called for a boycott during the legal battle between LOONA members and the record label. BlockBerry Creative.

You can follow the conflict between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT below.

FIFTY FIFTY Vs ATTRAKT: The Full Story Behind the “Cupid” Conflict

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