Konnichiwa! All Japan’s Biggest Event at ‘Japan Expo Malaysia’ M’sia Takes place Aug 18-20

JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIAAlso known as JEMY ​​for short, it’s the country’s most comprehensive physical exhibit that aims to promote and showcase everything about Japan, making visitors think about what they love about Japan! J-Pop entertainment, one of Japan’s biggest exports, takes center stage as G-Yu Creative and Siam Connection lead the promotion of the industry and use music as a key ingredient to strengthen cross-cultural ties between Japan and other Asian countries. .

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Japan’s Ambassador to Malaysia, to the grand opening ceremony that will take place on August 18, 2023 at 15:00, Takahashi Katsuhiko And Managing Director Data’ Ammar, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

The aim at JEMY ​​is to become the most comprehensive physical exhibition for Japanese products and services for Japan, as well as to establish a closer link between the cultures and trade of the two countries. The event is divided into seven different zones: the Taste of Japan zone (OUTDOOR, Piazza zone), the INDOOR area that runs from the Center Court to the Orange Zone in the mall.

Enjoy your favorite Japanese food and drink

Outdoor A Taste of the Japan Region It has famous brands such as:

  • Oyoshi from F&N offers a wide variety of Japanese flavors including green tea drinks, traditional tea, mochi ice cream.
  • Ajinomoto new sauce and takoyaki
  • Otafuko’s special okonomiyaki recipe
  • Shakariki432’s famous yakitori grilled with Binchotan charcoal.

Additionally, Zeal Automation vending machines serve Japanese F&B importers by providing a convenient distribution channel closer to consumers.

Would you like to visit Japan? Don’t miss these special offers

2nd Floor Center Court, Travel Zoneshowcases exciting destinations. Klook, a well-known travel platform, offers special packages for travelers to Japan, and in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia, visitors can discover the wonders of Malaysia. Framemotion created Digital Matsuri Play, the first amusement park in this region.

Thinking of studying or working in Japan? this is the place to be

The vibrant Orange Zone on the 2nd floor is an arts and cultural hub. Education Zone, where visitors can get free advice from Globis University, known for its MBA program. Mainichi Japanese language school shares a variety of strategic and effective Japanese language programs from different provinces in Japan. Oakhouse offers well-planned options for students or working adults planning an extended stay in Japan.

Find out all about the latest J-Beauty trends

In the orange zone, visitors also participate in the Yukata wearing event, immersing themselves in traditional Japanese clothing. This Health and Beauty Zone offers rejuvenating experiences and showcases the latest wellness trends. J-Beauty and Mimone spa boutique offers exclusive packages and products for personal care and holistic well-being. A recognized feng shui master, Master Alice offers interesting Japanese tarot card readings that are widely accepted by corporate clients in over nine countries, including Japan. Known for its bright and cheerful illustrations, MITSUME brings fascinating illustrations to life.

Take a break at the IG-worthy Tsutaya Books bookstore

If that’s not enough, the first ever Southeast Asian lifestyle bookstore Bukit Jalil Tsutaya BooksThe Level 2 (Orange Zone) is the perfect stop for light reading, shopping for unique gift ideas for loved ones, delicious coffee and pastries at the in-store cafe, and more! There’s even a designated kids area for the younger ones to keep busy.

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No Japanese event is complete without the Cosplay Contest and performances

Cosplayer fans shone in JEMY’s signature Cosplay Parade, and for the first time, a Cosplay Contest was held with renowned fashion designer Melinda Looi and talented cosplayers Thames and Amelia as judges. Participants from all walks of life will compete for the coveted title.

To make things even more immersive, cosplayers can bring their characters to life against the backdrop of Tokyo Town’s variety of engaging and Instagrammable design features and architectural decor elements; to contain:

  • Two surreal artistic Sumo Statue
  • Large Floating Temple Roof inspired and designed by ‘Kirizuma-zukuri’
  • Giant Japanese umbrellas or ‘Wagasa’, the gable roof style designed by the famous Japanese artist Kotaro Nishibori, the fifth generation successor of Hiyoshiya, the manufacturer of ‘Kyo-wagasa’ (Kyoto-style traditional umbrella).
  • Cochins (Japanese lanterns) and more.

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During the JEMY ​​weekend only, Tokyo Town welcomes its visitors with selected in-store promotions and deals:

  • Fuji Sushi’s Buy 4 get 1 free buffet
  • PixTee’s Awesome 5-Pack for RM 115
  • Kikuya’s store-wide sale of gorgeous Japanese-inspired dinnerware and souvenirs

Drop by Tokyo Town, Level 2 (Orange District) to discover more hidden treasures, delicious deals, and kawaii #potd spots that celebrate Japanese food, retail, art and culture.

JEMY also provides a platform to network and learn Japanese martial arts in Malaysia. Participants can immerse themselves in the art of Japanese swordsmanship and attend free Kendo workshops, and Kyudo (Archery) is demonstrated on the indoor stage, demonstrating the precision and skill required for this traditional practice.

On the indoor stage, JEMY ​​showcased the beautiful cultural performance video presentations provided by the Japan Foundation KL and the Awa Odori dance, as well as the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, which presents Hokkaido prefecture as one of many travel destinations in Japan. At The World of Japan Gourmet, key players in the industry share Washoku and Kokushu knowledge by Japanese Cuisine Special Goodwill Ambassadors: Nao Kawasaki, Master Chef of Rooted Sushi Oribe, and Thomas Ling, Master of Saké. Nucre Patisserie showcased the art of Wagashi making, allowing attendees to witness the making of delicious Japanese desserts.

Hello! Project Charity Zone gives attendees access to exciting performances while contributing to the Selangor and Federal District Association for Spastic Children, with the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance.

Sing and dance to J-Pop music and other cultural performances!

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Japan Expo Malaysia 2023 celebrates the best of Japanese culture by promising a dazzling series with a unique blend of traditional art and contemporary performances. He plays the leading role of cultural performances in a sensational performance. Naomichi Hanazono. Hanazono, a famous Japanese dancer and singer, will fascinate the audience with her unique style that combines traditional Japanese dance with modern talent, and her exaggerated outfits that add splendor to her performances.

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Get ready to be enchanted by the amazing performances. Ballistic Boyz from EXILE TRIBE And Psychic Fire Large outdoor stage at the Piazza Area in Pavillion Bukit Jalil during Japan Expo Malaysia 2023. A powerhouse within EXILE TRIBE, Ballistik Boyz will wow audiences with their incredible singing voices and mind-blowing choreography and create an unforgettable experience for their devoted fans. After their performance, Psychic Fever, a seven-member group of outstanding students from the renowned LDH dance school EXPG STUDIO, will take the stage, showcasing their infectious energy, captivating vocals and cool choreography. Brace yourself for an exciting show full of talent and passion.

Also, fans will have an extraordinary chance to meet and greet both the Ballistik Boyz and Psychic Fever, making JEMY2023 an event that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on everyone.

We are happy to announce that you are extremely talented Sakurazaka46 will also be performing in Malaysia for the first time at JEMY2023! Sakurazaka46, also known as “Sakura zaka46” or “Sakamichi46”, is a Japanese idol group formed under the direction of Sony Music Entertainment. It is the sister group of the famous Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46. Sakurazaka46 debuted in 2020 and has since taken the Japanese music scene by storm with their extraordinary talent and unique style.

Malaysians will also witness many familiar talents, new and promising artists on the JEMY ​​stage:

  • Banzai Japan
  • Natsume and her team
  • XLAMPjust to name a few.

JEMY 2023 has always been a key ingredient at JEMY, aiming to bridge music from Japan with local artists who share a passion for Japanese music, and want to instill cross-cultural collaboration through music by promoting the well-known DJ duo Malaysian DJ Harimao. Rina-Hime from Kuala Lumpur with exciting anime-inspired, high-energy performances and heavy Japanese Pop Rock influence that graced the JEMY ​​stage.

Japan Expo Malaysia 2023 wowed the audience with its amazing lineup of artists and interesting locations. From musical performances to cultural experiences and digital entertainment, JEMY2023 will undoubtedly be an unforgettable feast for fans of all ages. Founder of Japan Expo Thailand, G-Yu Creative Co Ltd. Organized by and jointly organized by local Malaysian team Siam Connection Sdn Bhd working hand in hand, the event proudly collaborates with partners Pavilion Bukit Jalil. Developing Japan Expo Malaysia since 2017. We are also proud to be a part of the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation celebrations.

For more information visit their website here.

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