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Introducing your spouse to your family is always a difficult and sometimes difficult thing to do. Parents, especially Asians, have high expectations of their children’s spouses.

That’s why many, like Nur Nadihah Roslee, found it scary when she came to introduce her business partner, Mohammad Samim Hossain, to her family. First, he was worried that they would not accept his race and nationality.

Originally Malay, Nadihah initially felt the need to hide her relationship with her Bangladeshi husband from her family.


“I hid my relationship with my husband from the family’s knowledge for the first year we met because I was worried they would admit it if they found out,” Harian, 26, told Metro.

A year later, he opened up to his family to seek their approval. While her father agreed, her mother struggled to come to terms with her choice of husband. Her mother wanted her to marry a Malay man.

make it official

But fortunately, she soon returned and supported the union before the wedding ceremony. Although Nadihah has won her mother’s heart, there are still other obstacles to overcome in her relationship with Samim.

Here, for example, plans to marry failed due to Samim’s work permit issue, causing him to fly to Bangladesh to tie the knot.

“Since the plans were already made, we decided to continue the wedding in my husband’s hometown.

“I went there in the company of my mother (Shahrom Mohd Jasin), my father (Roslee Muda) and my sister (Nur Nabilah Roslee).”


Luckily, all went well, although plans changed. Her husband’s family welcomed her and her family members with open arms.

“Despite different backgrounds and cultures, there is no communication problem between us because my father-in-law can speak Malay because they work in Malaysia.”

English is used as the common language in communication between him, Samim and other family members.

How did they first meet?

Nadihah’s love story has garnered attention on social media ever since. Many netizens came out to express their support for her relationship. While she’s grateful for the well-wishes, she sometimes finds it surprising, considering how their relationship started.

“Honestly, I didn’t think I’d marry a foreigner because I’m not from that family either.” Nadihah, who met Samim for the first time at work, shared.

According to Nadihah, the two met while working at a factory in Klang about four years ago. He was a supervisor of the welfare of his workers and he worked as a production operator.


Given their cultural differences, Nadihah was initially nervous about approaching her. He was afraid that they had nothing in common.

“I didn’t know how to be friends, and when we got to know each other, I realized that my husband is a good and caring person.”

And from then on, their friendship soon turned into a romantic bond as they shared a great compatibility.

“Actually, it’s not that I’ve never been in love with a Malay man before I got married, it’s just that my marriage to my husband is already written, so what can I do other than accept this provision,” Nadihah said.

Nadihah’s relationship with Samim is an indication that love definitely brings two people together. Despite differences in culture and upbringing, two people can always come together.

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