Minecraft player complains that the game gets gloomy with every update

Minecraft has made a few changes in the last months before and after the Trails & Tales update, but some have been more controversial than others. First came the changes related to acquiring netherite gear, now requires templates to upgrade diamond weapons, armor and vehicles to netherite quality. Recent snapshots and previews have also changed the peasant trade significantly.

Changes to Minecraft’s villager trade have segmented librarian magic trades into multiple different biomes, and some enchantment trades require players to master a librarian’s profession. This drew the ire of some fans on reddit, such as u/GoshtoshOfficial, who found the move unnecessary.

According to this player and many Minecraft reviewers, recent in-game changes are making the sandbox title rougher without any significant gains.

Minecraft players discuss grinding after snapshot 23w31a and preview

Although the latest changes to the librarian villager trade are behind the Experimental Features pass, Minecraft fans are not happy with the direction taken after the Trails & Tales update. u/GoshtoshOfficial stated that recent villager trade changes and netherite upgrade changes have made the game more time consuming.

According to them, when it came to raising the level of the peasant profession, librarian villager spells were already taking a long time to obtain. Meanwhile, the ancient debris needed to craft netherite gear was difficult to find in abundance, and the fact that it requires a blacksmithing template that can only be cloned with diamonds makes the process time-consuming and expensive.

u/GoshtoshOfficial noted that Minecraft has evolved from being a building and exploring game to one of mobs and resources that spend hours farming just to get enough resources to build the structures you want. Obviously, this complaint skips the use of commands and Creative Mode, but other reviewers on the game’s subreddit seemed to agree.

Meanwhile, other Minecraft fans stated that the problems have increased with the changes made to the world generation. Many commenters noted that they had to travel obscene distances to find the biome they needed without resorting to using a seed harvester or generator to get what they needed.

Of particular note was the desire to find swamp biomes, which are now required to create swamp villagers and get some segmented enchantments in Minecraft 23w31a and preview Players must now train certain forest and swamp villagers and level them up to receive spells they could previously gain elsewhere.

While many fans agreed with the original contention, others rebuffed it. According to them, if the main goal is to build a cozy house and a small farm, and then explore the world, then this is still entirely possible.

According to some reviewers, there is no need for high-level spells or netherite gear, depending on what you want to do in the game. Some fans also pointed out that grinding has always been a part of the game, even older versions that many players look up to with respect.

Recent changes to Trails & Tales appear to have polarized the community, but Mojang noted that they make decisions based on player feedback. Despite enough criticism from the community, it’s possible that the developers still made changes to controversial peasant trading tweaks or netherite smithing templates.

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