Mixed reactions from Sarawakians to Borneo Sonic 2023 ticket prices

Borneo Sonic 2023 will feature K-pop stars Taeyang, CL, Suho and Hyo, Australian artist Havana Brown and legendary American rapper and Grammy Award winner Fatman Scoop.

KUCHING (August 11): As the much-anticipated Borneo Sonic 2023 music festival approaches, Sarawakian music fans have had mixed reactions to ticket prices.

Featuring a star-studded lineup of artists including four K-pop stars Taeyang, CL, Suho and Hyo, Australian artist Havana Brown and legendary American rapper and Grammy Award winner Fatman Scoop, the festival sparked a slew of sightings. About ticket prices.

Announced at a press conference held here yesterday, there are five categories of tickets for the two-day festival, ranging from RM 488 to RM 1,288.

“Ticket prices are expensive. Vivienne Rozanna Matthew, 37, from Bintulu, said, “For me, if the starting price of tickets is around RM200 to RM250, it’s still affordable (for me) depending on seating.”

Vivienne Rozanna Matthew

“Maybe it would be more justified if the highest priced ticket of RM 1,288 offered special VIP privileges such as meet and greet, autograph and photo sessions, backstage pass and premium seat, then maybe it would be worth it because Ben Taeyang and CL are really famous artists, others I don’t know much about him,” he added.

Nursyamimi Abu Hasan said that the starting price of RM488 is good.

“The festival will host not just one, but four leading K-pop artists, as well as internationally renowned artists. These four K-pop artists are not just normal individuals; They have been in the industry for many years.

Nursyamimi Abu Hasan

“I intend to save money for the event by anticipating the opportunity to witness the performance of these esteemed artists,” he said.

Meanwhile, Monika Dampa, 37, from Bintulu, offered a broader perspective on the subject, taking into account the recent challenges the music industry has faced.

“The prices offered are very affordable. Over the past two years, many artists have either refused to perform live or performed on a limited basis due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“However, they have continued their relatively normal touring schedule since then, giving concert goers a cathartic sense of normalcy,” he said.

Monika Dampa

“So we can expect to pay a pretty penny to see the top names perform.

“Also, there are top-rated artists from different genres, especially K-pop lovers,” he added.

With differing opinions circulating among potential festival-goers, it’s clear that the ticket pricing strategy for Borneo Sonic 2023 has sparked heated debate.

Anticipation continues to rise among fans looking to secure their place at the event, as online ticket sales for the festival will begin on August 18.

For those who want more information about the festival, including ticket sales and event details, the official website at www.borneosonic.com is the recommended resource.

Taeyang, CL, Suho, and Hyo will be performing at Borneo Sonic 2023 in Kuching from October 6-7. – Photo from Tea FM

Organized by BME (International) Malaysia Sdn Bhd in conjunction with co-organizers Skyline Entertainment and Dream Factory Entertainment, Borneo Sonic 2023 will be held at Sarawak Stadium from 6-7 October.

Taeyang, the main vocalist and dancer of the iconic group Big Bang, is one of four K-pop royalty to perform at Borneo Sonic 2023, considered Borneo’s biggest music event here.

Alongside Taeyang, South Korean rapper, songwriter and singer CL will also be performing. She rose to fame as a member of the girl group 2NE1.

The leader of South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO – Suho, as well as Hyo, who is known for his extraordinary talent as a singer, dancer, DJ and television personality, will also perform.

There will be performances by local artists such as Havana Brown and Fatman Scoop, as well as Malaysia’s own music gem Ning Baizura.

People can also join the conversation and follow the event via the TikTok app, Facebook and Instagram @borneosonic.mf.

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