Netizens Defend NMIXX’s Lily After An Out of Context Comment Gained Attention During Her Live Broadcast

While many found it funny, some used it negatively.

Netizens argued NMIXX‘S Lily after the comments on his last live stream were taken out of context and used to criticize him.

Lily of NMIXX | @nmixx_official/Twitter

After being named one of the most anticipated trainees, Lily made her debut on NMIXX and shined on NMIXX by showcasing her unreal talent, visuals and charm.

Besides being a great singer, Lily is also a real person who loves to chat with her fans about anything and everything. Recently, netizens came to the idol’s defense after a clip from the idol’s latest broadcast was used to try to portray the idol badly.

Lily has always had a special bond with fans and always finds ways to interact with them. In particular, netizens love it for him Lily Lost the Conspiracy book and movie club

Lily loves to chat with fans about the books and movies she’s watched, and during a recent broadcast, the idol seemed to be making fun of the next book she was going to talk about.

While making fun of fans, she apparently talked about the story and how she could empathize with the characters in her book even if she didn’t go through the same experiences.

I’ve never hid a Jew in my basement while reading a book or watching a movie. However, I can still empathize with people who experience the sadness and happiness of this. That was a tip!

Of course, many fans knew that Lily was talking about the sentimental book. book thief, It was also made into a movie.

The book is intended to be told by Death, and the story is about Liesel Meminger, a young girl living in Nazi Germany during World War II. While adjusting to his new home, his stepfamily hides a Jewish man named Max Vandenburg, who is in danger of being sent to a concentration camp as the persecution of minorities intensifies.

When the clip was released, many tried to take it out of context, and it’s not surprising that fans saw some netizens trying to use it to call it Lily.

After realizing that the clip was getting a lot of attention, netizens went on the defensive to make sure everyone knew the idol was talking about the book. book thiefand apparently speaking from the main protagonist’s point of view.

Luckily, when the clip was posted on TikTok, fans seemed to know what he was talking about right away, but admitted that it looked random without any context.

While idols try to share their lives and be normal, their popularity and fame means that some people will try to make them look bad by taking what they say out of context. Lily has a heart of gold and shares her love of books with her fans, so this is not surprising and she just wants to protect the idol.

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