Park Seo Joon personally touches on the attitude controversy during the stage salutation for his new movie ‘Concrete Utopia’.

Park Seo Joon has openly addressed the recent controversy by sharing his candid thoughts with fans.

On August 7, Park Seo Joon went to the official fan cafe to express his feelings, “I reach out to you with this message, thinking of all those who may have been affected and hurt..” This message was only seen by regular members of Park Seo Joon’s fan cafe.

He continued, “At first, when I learned this fact (about the controversy), I was alarmed. I believed that my fans might be more distressed than I am. Yesterday, I read every fan letter I got and went to bed contented thinking today was a good day, only to wake up to the chaos.” He continued, “They can be taken as excuses if I discuss my feelings elsewhere. So I believe this might be a suitable place (for my talk) as it is our private space.

Describing the incident,During the stage salute last Saturday, I was unaware of the intrusion. All of a sudden I found myself being embraced by someone..” Added, “It smelled a lot of alcohol so I thought that person had made a mistake. I was surprised, but since he wasn’t the only one in the theater, I made an effort to put things right.”


Addressing the situation, he added:Even my security team apologized for not responding due to the ongoing incident, but I assured them it was okay. No need to worry

Park Seo Joon further explained, “The next day, headlines about headbands surfaced. Yet, truth be told, I sweat a lot when I go on stage for celebratory events. Since fans prefer my hair in various ways, I decided to get my hair done that day for ease of managing perspiration. A large amount of hairspray was applied to my hair to keep it in place in the morning – to some extent, my hair became stiff like a helmet. But in this case, putting anything in my hair is causing serious discomfort on my scalp.

Also, referring to misunderstandings, “IThis may sound like an excuse, but you know that I will wear those headbands without hesitation. People say I put Park Bo Young in an awkward position by making him hold the headband, but I didn’t think it was mine. I thought the headband was given by the fan, so I thought the fan would be angry if I took Park Bo Young’s. But I think there was a misunderstanding.

Park Seo Joon denied rumors of a disagreement with Park Bo Young and revealed that they felt no discomfort. He also shared his views on the previous day’s work and emphasized their commitment to fulfilling future programs.

Finally, he reassured his fans, “Your presence keeps me strong. There is no fear when we are together. Please don’t let the turmoil bother you. Sharing these feelings should help ease my discomfort

Previously, on August 5, Park Seo Joon attended the stage salute for ‘Concrete Utopia’ at CGV Seomyeon in Busan with Lee Byung Hun, Park Bo Young, Kim Do Yoon, and director Uhm Tae Hwa.

During the event, a drunk female audience rushed to the stage and hugged Park Seo Joon, even though her place was not called. The security guards intervened immediately to get him out.

At the next appearance at CGV Daegu Academy on August 6, another incident sparked controversy when Park Seo Joon turned down Park Bo Young’s offer of a headband.

However, a fan who gave the headband clarified the situation online. Fan, “Since I couldn’t approach Park Seo Joon directly, I gave the headband to Park Bo Young. I didn’t want them to wear either. After the stage welcome event, he (Park Seo Joon) even accepted my fan letter.

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