PLEDIS Entertainment Updates on SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s Return from Hiatus

He’ll be back for the band’s comeback soon!

since July seventeen‘S Seungkwan suspended for health reasons.

Hello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment.
We would like to give you some information about the future activities of SEVENTEEN member SEUNGKWAN. SEUNGKWAN recently visited the hospital because he was not feeling well, and the medical staff advised him to take time to rest and recover.

The artist himself is determined to continue his activities, but the company thought it would be better for him to focus on improving his health for now, as advised by the medical staff.

As a result, SEUNGKWAN will unfortunately not be able to take part in upcoming events like Tencent Music Entertainment Award (TMEA) 2023, fan signing event in China, and SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ TO SEOUL, among others. We apologize to our fans and ask for your generous understanding. We will do our best to support SEUNGKWAN so that he can reunite with fans in his healthiest form.

— PLEDIS Entertainment


While his members gave CARATs some updates on Seungkwan during this period, he has now updated himself!

In the early hours of August 16 (KST), Seungkwan took to Weverse to share what he’s been up to with the CARATs, including a few photos of his various adventures.

| weaver
| weaver

Seungkwan also sent a heartfelt letter to the CARATs updating them. He reassured them that he’s been in better shape since his hiatus.

| weaver

How do you do the carats? it’s been a while
There are so many things I want to say, but first of all, I miss you so much..!
You’re probably wondering how I did it too, right?
I’m resting and recovering well
It feels like I’m having a real relaxation experience for the first time
Of course, there were times when I went on vacation/break for a few days.
But for the first time in my life, I completely took a break for myself, completely thought to myself to recharge.
Of course it wasn’t easy at first, taking a break
The members are filling my place and I’m worried. But I didn’t want to overwhelm them with such worries.
And I was very grateful to Carats who stood by and supported me. I felt terrible [about making you wait]because it’s just my personality
But thanks to your support
I’m really getting better
I feel like it won’t be long before I get back to you all
I wanted to leave a short message with a few photos but when I started typing I couldn’t help myself haha
Anyway, I’ll leave it here for today.
And I’ll be back later to share much more
I can’t wait to greet you all again!
Thank you Carat. Goodnight!

PS: I eat well, sleep well, bloat well and bloat well, don’t worry

— Seungkwan

Shortly after Seungkwan’s update, his agency PLEDIS Entertainment He shared his own update on his condition.

On August 16, PLEDIS Entertainment said: NEWS Seungkwan is getting ready to come back from hiatus. I hope she will join SEVENTEEN for their comeback in October.

Seungkwan will be featured on SEVENTEEN’s next album to be released in October. We focus on recovery and discuss the right time for him to return. We expect him to return by September at the latest.

— PLEDIS Entertainment

PLEDIS Entertainment did not reveal the exact date for Seungkwan’s return, but said it would be by September. We will continue to wish him a fully healed break.


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