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This A piece The manga is in its final stages as it includes the Final Saga of the hugely popular series. It’s in the last few episodes of Egghead Island Arc that ardent fans of the story learn the truth behind D’s secret used by some characters like Monkey D. Luffy. Gol D. Roger, Marshall D. Teach and many more. Arc also featured the deaths of several main characters and many other important things.

A piece
A piece

However, Eiichiro Oda has had inconsistencies with the manga’s release lately, and fans have noticed that. Oda apologized to fans for being so erratic regarding the release of a new episode, as he turned his full attention to the Netflix live adaptation TV Series based on the manga and gave a sad update on the TV Series.

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Eiichiro Oda Updates Fans With A Serious Update On The Netflix TV Series

Great work by Eiichiro Oda in its final stage and the story has gotten more serious and fans can’t help but appreciate the extraordinary story and fans. However, fans could not help but notice that the series often takes breaks. The show is constantly on hiatus due to its live adaptation series, and WSJ apologized to fans of the show in Issues 36-37.

As fans know, Netflix decided to make a TV series based on the series, and Oda has been part of the adaptation from the very beginning. The artist knows that adaptations based on the manga are often not as successful as Netflix has tried in the past.

A still from Netflix's One Piece
A still from Netflix’s One Piece

Since the series is extremely popular in the manga and anime community. That’s why Oda has decided to take control and is extra cautious about the show. Moreover, he overlooked everything down to the last detail so that the audience of the series would not receive any complaints.

Straw Hat Pirate Team
Straw Hat Pirate Team

It’s true that Eiichiro Oda was cautious as he wanted to make sure the TV series would keep up with the popularity of the manga, which sold 516.6 million copies. Also, the series is aimed at an older audience, unlike anime and manga, which are aimed at viewers of all ages.

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Dwayne Johnson to Play Cyborg Franky on Netflix A piece Sherry?

While some fans of the show were angry that it was a live adaptation, Looking at Oda’s work, the trailer for the series looks pretty promising because the actors playing the Straw Hats Pirates Crew roles suit them well and the special effects look promising. And now, a fan art has gone viral as fans believe Dwayne Johnson will do Cyborg Franky justice by playing the role in the Netflix adaptation.

Fan Art of Dwayne Johnson as Cyborg Franky
Fan Art of Dwayne Johnson as Cyborg Franky

A fan shared an old photo of Dwayne Johnson during his wrestling days, and using his skills to attach the characters’ mechanical hands to him. Surprisingly, the picture fits well and if given some teal hair, she can play the role and even do justice to the character. Also, Oda had said in the past that Franky the Cyborg’s nationality would be American, so the People’s Champion could really pull off the role.

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A piece The series will be released on Netflix on August 31, 2023.

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