Stepmother Holds Her Breath When Rescued Cat Finally Opens Her Eyes

A few months ago, St. When volunteers from the Francis Society Animal Rescue encountered a sad, stray cat named Mystic, they had no idea he was hiding a secret.

All it took to unlock it was love.


Mystic came to a local animal shelter as a stray animal on the verge of a tragic end. His body and face were covered with scabies, crusted so hard that he could not move freely or even open his eyes.

The cat was effectively blinded.

That’s how members of the Francis Society Animal Rescue found him—he decided to give Mystic a second chance.


From there, Mystic was placed in the care of Andrea Christian of Turtle Cat Foster, who helped raise needy kittens like himself.

Overcoming the heartbreak of her condition, her new stepmother saw a fighting spirit.

“From the first day we met, he was shy but loving,” Christian told The Dodo. “My house was pretty full, but I made a place for him. I knew right away that it would take a little longer to heal. [than most]”


Under Christian’s careful care, who treated his skin condition, the stinging crusts covering Mystic’s body slowly began to recede. As they did, the cute personality of the cat began to show more and more.

Then came the first glimpses of Mystic’s most remarkable secret.

As the crusts around Mystic’s face began to give way to healthy skin, he was finally able to open his eyes, just a crack at first.

Something was different about them, and it took Christian’s breath away.


Mystic’s eyes were bicolored – one blue and the other green.

“The two different eye colors were a big surprise!” said Christian.

This was the result of a rare condition called heterochromia.

If Christian and other concerned volunteers hadn’t intervened to help Mystic heal, his secret might never have been revealed. But instead, this revelation was just one step on the path to a longer recovery and recovery.


In time, Mystic could become completely himself.

Now, against the backdrop of his clean snow-white fury, Mystic’s eyes sparkle like blue and green stones.


Mystic’s playful nature started to shine even brighter after Christian introduced him to a rescue cat, an orange girl named Fuzzy Biscuits.

“It was love at first sight!” said Christian. “He directly hugged Fuzzy Biscuits and immediately started straightening it up. That’s when I knew he would be the greatest kid ever.”


In the months since Mystic’s rescue, he has made a phenomenal recovery. But despite everything unfolding in this process, Mystic still has an unlocked aspect.

A lifetime of love that he will bring to a family for a lifetime.


Finally, Mystic’s journey under Christian’s supervision is ready to come to a successful end so a new chapter of life can begin in his own home.

Mystic is eager to get started and is optimistic that an adopter could let Fuzzy Biscuits join in.

“Mystic is the sweetest cat in the world despite the pain of her past. The foster loves all the other animals in our home and has never once argued with another cat. Now we call it Mystic, Mystical Biscuits, saying it’s named after Fuzzy,” said Christian. “They’re both looking for their Forever Together home. We hope they will find a Family Together Forever. “

Mystic and Fuzz are currently in St. It is available for adoption from the Francis Society Animal Rescue. Click here for more information or how to apply.

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