Jackie Chan’s Oscar Win Takes 56 Years in Movies and Countless Broken Bones, But This Award Means Nothing To Tom Cruise – FandomWire

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s speech on receiving his first Academy Award still resounds in the ears of anyone who hasn’t stopped dreaming. An action icon for years Rush hour The star has displayed wide influence and stardom over the years. With more than 200 movies under his name, Chan has never failed to inspire us. But when … Read more

“Sorry for the inconsistent schedule”: Dwayne Johnson Amid Frankie Rumors, One Piece Live Action Series Gets Sad Eiichiro Room Update – FandomWire

A piece

This A piece The manga is in its final stages as it includes the Final Saga of the hugely popular series. It’s in the last few episodes of Egghead Island Arc that ardent fans of the story learn the truth behind D’s secret used by some characters like Monkey D. Luffy. Gol D. Roger, Marshall … Read more