Konnichiwa! All Japan’s Biggest Event at ‘Japan Expo Malaysia’ M’sia Takes place Aug 18-20

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JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIAAlso known as JEMY ​​for short, it’s the country’s most comprehensive physical exhibit that aims to promote and showcase everything about Japan, making visitors think about what they love about Japan! J-Pop entertainment, one of Japan’s biggest exports, takes center stage as G-Yu Creative and Siam Connection lead the promotion of the industry … Read more

Jackie Chan’s Oscar Win Takes 56 Years in Movies and Countless Broken Bones, But This Award Means Nothing To Tom Cruise – FandomWire

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Jackie Chan’s speech on receiving his first Academy Award still resounds in the ears of anyone who hasn’t stopped dreaming. An action icon for years Rush hour The star has displayed wide influence and stardom over the years. With more than 200 movies under his name, Chan has never failed to inspire us. But when … Read more

State election race takes on class features on Hulu Kelang | Malay Post

State election race takes on class features on Hulu Kelang |  Malay Post

GOMBAK, August 11 — The campaign for the Hulu Kelang seat here exposed economic inequality in society as the two coalitions appealed to voters of different social classes for tomorrow’s critical Selangor state election. On the one hand, Pakatan Harapan (PH) and its campaigners settled among the more affluent factions of the constituency, particularly in … Read more