Blackpink Star Jennie’s Style Evolvement Over the Years: Structured Prom Dresses, Preppy Blazers, and Tons of Chanel

Jennie at Ruby Jane

Getty Pictures Blackpink’s Jennie continues to wow audiences around the world, not only with her standout vocals but also with her stage-stealing fashion looks, as the singer is known for generating a positive fan return on social media platforms when she releases her outfits. Since the girl group debuted in 2018, the South Korean artist … Read more

Jackie Chan’s Oscar Win Takes 56 Years in Movies and Countless Broken Bones, But This Award Means Nothing To Tom Cruise – FandomWire

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s speech on receiving his first Academy Award still resounds in the ears of anyone who hasn’t stopped dreaming. An action icon for years Rush hour The star has displayed wide influence and stardom over the years. With more than 200 movies under his name, Chan has never failed to inspire us. But when … Read more

Mega storms on Saturn are larger than Earth and last for hundreds of years.

Mega storms on Saturn are larger than Earth and last for hundreds of years.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, the solar system’s largest storm at 10,000 miles in diameter, has long been an iconic feature of the gas giant. However, recent research shows that Saturn, a planet often perceived as dimmer than its living counterpart, is not devoid of its own atmospheric wonders and megastorms. A new study jointly led … Read more

4 Billion Years – World’s Oldest Known Rocks Provide Clues to Early Tectonics

4 Billion Year Old Granite Rock from the Northwest Territories, Canada

The oldest rock in the world: 4 billion years old granite rock from the Northwest Territories, Canada. Credits: Prof. Li Xianhua’s group Currently, Earth stands alone as the only identified planet sustaining life, largely thanks to the dynamics of plate tectonics. This process plays a crucial role in recycling vital biogeochemical elements and keeping the … Read more