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The Man on the Silver Mountain: The problem with politicians presenting discourses on strategic evaluation is that you cannot fully trust them.

Politicians, as they are, cannot escape the confusion of subjective prejudices on their agenda.

The first salvo of Iskandar Puteri MP Liew Chin Tong, “unity ticket must get at least half of the Malay votes”, was a big mistake anyway.

Liew, that was too ambitious. You cannot plan for impracticability. Yes, it could be, but if it is, that will be a bonus.

As a result, you don’t need 50 percent. You only need the current percentage, which is slightly more than half.

More importantly, you shouldn’t lose your supporters because they can become passive-aggressive or at least passive-aggressive when they are offended by you.

Maintain your support base and conquer those who don’t. Admirable initiatives.

I don’t quite agree with them. A little tip.

In its current form, there is no reason for non-Malays, especially Chinese, to vote for Perikatan Nasional, whose strategy is clear.

People like Kedah Prime Minister Mohammed Sanusi Md Nor are deliberately expelling non-Muslims.

In turn, he and others like him are the darlings of the Malay hinterland. This strategy was probably the result of desperation.

They weren’t very ambitious, but just getting the Malay votes could have gotten them some states and, with a little bargaining, formed the federal government.

So, don’t give non-Malays reasons to change their support for you. The next obvious step for PN is to impress non-Malays.

As you can see, they were quite cunning. They put a Chinese candidate in a predominantly Malay region.

This was because they had a Chinese representative, something they couldn’t get in a Chinese-majority area.

Of course, they could always exploit disgruntled Harapan party members, but it was up to the individuals themselves.

Not all the rebels could fit in. Prime Minister Enver Ibrahim should aim for some economic results. Be pragmatic.

When you do this, you won’t be idle for unproductive panding for trifles. racial-religious politicsbecause you will be busy with the work at hand.

Major reform at this stage will likely be politically risky. Help Umno rise in appropriate ways.

Bored: Pakatan Harapan needs to improve his game as soon as possible. Do not underestimate your current constituency.

People want to see real, tangible change.

Obviously, if ministers had time to campaign for state elections every two days, it meant that they were not focused on the reason rakyats voted for them, namely improving the country.

The fact that state elections were not held at the same time as the 15th general elections also backfired when looking at voter turnout.

But what if the three states stay with the PN? Do a good and fair job for all Malaysians to develop the country and people will vote for you in the 16th general election.

Don’t make a difficult task harder by trying to do everything at once.

IndigoTrout2522: Liew’s article is well written, but it’s only half the battle. It is important to implement and communicate the results.

The most critical part is the economy, raising the standard of living, lowering the cost of goods, good jobs, good housing, good roads and transportation, safety, security for all people, etc.

It must be big and meaningful for people to see and perceive that they are really benefiting from this government. Most people don’t care about politics, they care about pocket matters and peaceful life.

For this last state election, although the government did a good thing, they couldn’t see it, they couldn’t perceive it.

That is, it must be large and important, but the government has no effective influence. communication. Instead, he spent too much time pleasing or fighting the far right.

Keep Sarawak and Sabah with you. The government also needs to address institutional and electoral issues. reforms.

One is the disproportionate number of votes in the parliamentary and state seats.

By redefining borders redrawn close to one person, one vote, there is no such big difference.

Anwar must change his cabinet to bring in qualified, talented and honest professionals to implement the government’s vision and policies.

Of course, this is not easy, but what Liew wrote here has been voiced by many commentators. So go ahead and act now. Malaysia will be great again!

Aristotle: This is a good piece, but how and what can the union government do to promote this?

The first is to make people happy in their lives. You don’t have to worry about food, work and housing.

Enjoy a better quality of life.

How can the government achieve this when a third or half of the cabinet ministers are ignorant, disoriented and incapable of doing their job?

The public is dissatisfied with the performance of their ministers and voices this, but the union government does not care.

The cabinet is the backbone of the country. If the backbone is weak, the country is weak.

MonkeySeeMonkeyDo: It’s beautifully written, but who’s listening? Liew, those who read this article have already “transformed”.

Going forward, the government should go to the rural camps and talk to the people there. How many of you did this?

listen to them. Get to know them. Don’t do this right before the election.

always do. If the government leaders are sincere, the Malay kampung people will one day be convinced.

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