TELL ME | Harapan and Umno should focus on reforms

WHAT YOU SAID | “Everyone, including the Malays, will benefit from the reforms.”

Calls for reform in Umno ring after state polls end

IndigoTrout2522: Structural reforms are needed in Umno, but what kind of reforms?

Remember, Umno has too many warlords who only have self-interest and will resist reforms.

Second, Umno had already lost its influence over the “rakyat” in 2008 or earlier, when it lost a 2/3 majority in Parliament due to the actions of former prime ministers Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Najib Abdul Razak.

Now that we have the elections behind us, it is time for Pakatan Harapan and Umno to reform.

Government, parliamentary and economic reforms, foreign and domestic investment, and regaining the trust and confidence of the people, not only within their own parties, but also to significantly improve the lives of the people.

The Rakyat are not racially or religiously divided based on propaganda by extremists.

They respect each other as it is a common trait of Malaysians. It is extremist political leaders who do harm to protect their greed, positions and power bases.

But if Harapan and Umno take action to focus on the economy, employment, investments, reforms, safety and security, and bread and butter to improve people’s daily lives, the government will regain the trust and confidence of the electorate.

It sounds easy but it has to be done because the government cannot afford to fight or compete with the 3Rs (race, religion and royalty) for extreme rights.

So do the right thing for the good of the nation and show people the difference between government reforms and extremist agendas.

Bobyo: Is it entirely the fault of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the head of Umno, that caused their great loss? Most of it maybe.

Why didn’t the Malays respond to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, even though they flocked to listen to his speech?

What did he do that was wrong and not accepted by voters in Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu? What do the Malays want to get them to change their minds?

What about the many Umno members or leaders who betray their party even after enjoying many years of privileges and advantages under the Umno?

What about other parties that are not performing well? What about participation?

What about Malaysians who can make a difference, especially in Selangor, which does not go out and exercise their right to vote?

If we examine the results, it will reveal what was the cause of the coalition failures. In the case of Zahid, he bears the greatest responsibility.

The coalition lost massive Malay votes because of him. It’s time for Umno to reinvent or renew itself.

The question is how to keep this coalition intact, as it is responsible for its formation.

Without Zahid, will Umno remain part of the Harapan-BN coalition or will the new leader join forces with the opposition?

BlueShark1548: Yes, Umno did it badly. However, Zahid has a duty to the nation and must remain in office for the entire term of the union government.

He should consider resigning after reforms are carried out by the government and that will be his legacy.

Without Zahid, we would not have a unity government and stability.

Once the reforms are carried out, it will be felt by all Malaysians, especially the Malays and especially the youth who voted for PN.

The debate between Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli and Bachok MP Syahir Sulaiman made it clear that PN has no one to manage our economy.

Aristotle: Under Zahid’s leadership, Umno appears to be very weak. The party is not united and directionless.

There are many internal conflicts and many unhappy Umno leaders and bases.

Some don’t even respect Zahid as head of Umno. He led the party to one shameless defeat after another.

As president, he should take responsibility. The longer he stays to lead the Umno, the more he will only pave the way for Umno’s destruction.

The Umno high council must now decide whether they want to revive Umno or let the party wither away like MCA and Gerakan.

In local elections, the people voted and made their voices heard. There are only four years left until the general elections.

Umno now needs to find herself and start giving hope to her supporters. This means that Zahid should resign.

Open-minded: All Umno leaders should be responsible for failing to persuade the base to vote for the union government and instead stay away or vote for the PN.

The high council must examine and renovate to win the hearts of the Malays or Umno may have to close shop.

Head hunter: Umno can be strong if they are willing to make a change at the top. Those tainted by corruption and abuse of power must be abandoned.

Why should members be loyal to those who cause the party to lose its power and prestige?

There are still a handful of greedy leaders, not just the elderly, but also flatterers looking for rent.

Take a leaf from the DAP by glorifying those who are hardworking and willing to make a positive contribution to their party and nation.

PinkOtter1274: If Zahid resigns, his replacement can vote to leave the government and tie them to the PN.

It is caught between a ruined rock and a hard place. Unfortunately, Mahathir brainwashed Malays to fear DAP and portrayed them as anti-Islam, anti-Malay and anti-bumiputera rights.

That being said, if you keep muddying something, eventually some of it will stick.

The fact that the DAP occasionally slams its feet with useless comments on days of opposition makes it difficult for many to change their mindset.

Raising fear based on race and religion will definitely win votes because Mahathir has in the past divided Malays and non-Malays. Umno’s corrupt image didn’t work.

Therefore, many “ignorant” people rush to PN to protect their rights and religion, because PN is turning this narrative into Malays, which works.

As a result, many will leave the country. Maltese wake up.

Do you want the country to progress and develop so that everyone gets a share of the wealth? Or just give some. It’s up to you.

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