TELL ME | Stop giving up and focus on the economy.

WHAT YOU SAID | ‘It must have a strategy that will benefit all people and all states.’

COMMENT | ‘The problem is the economy, stupid’ for Anwar

Everything goes: Malaysiakini columnist P Gunasegaram’s advice is spot on. This state polls it was also timely as a referendum and insight into the strengths of contending groups.

But we must continue. A lot of time and energy has been spent poaching for Perikatan Nasional constituencies in their toxic areas.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim could be so much better If only he had focused more on holding the provinces of Pakatan Harapan rather than foraging at the enemy base.

It is painful that PN, who refused (destroyed) Harapan to set foot in the PN zone, had the last laugh sitting on Harapan land.

Lessons learned from state surveys include:

1. Change your strategy.

2. Stop chasing illusions.

3. Don’t lean back to appease (not startle) 3R (race, religion and royalty) fanatics.

4. Stop squandering taxpayer funds for futile reasons (vote votes).

5. Secure what you have (one bird in hand is better than two in the bush).

6. Don’t underestimate non-Malays. They also have limits.

Without the conscientious and massive effort of Harapan’s long-suffering loyal base, Selangor could easily have slipped through Harapan’s fingers.

They could see that Selangor was on the verge of drifting into PN. Unlike those who need not be pampered, frightened, and rewarded for support, the Selangorians wanted nothing to save the state.

IndigoTrout2522: It should be noted that the federal coalition government still received more total votes than the PN (which was PAS).

The government has somehow focused on the economy, but the perception of the Malays is that it is not.

The government should focus more on the economy and the development should be so big that it can be noticed by everyone.

The other is to continue the fight against corruption and finally to implement structural, parliamentary, electoral and other reforms.

One of the problems is the government’s inability to communicate effectively and procuring so much for extremists and PAS states.

It must have a strategy that will benefit all people and all states.

The government should stop talking too much and making promises it can’t keep.

Reorganize the cabinet and bring in qualified, competent and honest professionals. So start working and it will regain people’s trust and confidence.

Maya: Everyone is running from reality. Politics is not over and Anwar will continue to have hard times.

The people that everyone thinks and hopes will be defeated are still in the foreground. Imagine a state (Terengganu) that wins 100 percent without any opposition.

There is little opposition in the other two states (Kedah and Kelantan). What about mainland Penang?

Everyone said state elections would tell some stories. Yes, he did.

The government will not be strong enough, especially with Umno gone.

PN will use this weakness to their advantage. There is still much to be done for Anwar, who makes foolish moves to play and impress the majority.

It would never work, and he was determined. It remains to be seen how unstable the government will be.

As for DAP, they are happy to have their island to themselves.

I’m sure there will be some unpredictable moves, with the win of the Sheraton Move man who has caused many to eat the humble cake.

Take a look at how the worst can still win and win the “trust” of voters. Some states, like Terengganu, will only go hiking in the future.

The economy will remain in the background. As Anwar is based and DAP will remain silent, proclamations will be the norm.

Almost all ministers have little caliber in managing their portfolios, except for some idiotic policies that have little chance for the welfare of the people.

Finally, the biggest vehicle, 3Rs, will continue to be played without fear. Whether we like it or not, religious politics will be at the forefront.

What about the judiciary? All the cases pending and drifting, just to see the end or otherwise.

This includes all defamation lawsuits. Will all this bring change or reveal the truth? It depends, and often not at all.

The “still better than PN-PAS” rhetoric will continue to seduce many and fail to realize that it is this fear that will eventually overpower them.

Whether it’s a Sheraton Move, a backdoor or the 16th overall pick, the truth is that nothing is going to change for the better.

The Man on the Silver Mountain: I couldn’t agree more. It’s the economy, not because of anything, but because it’s the right thing to do. That’s what Anwar set out to do.

Taking the portfolio of the controversial finance minister himself, he made no mistake that this was one of the areas he was paying attention to.

The only thing is that their plans don’t seem to come true and people are getting restless.

It goes without saying that it is also a good ammo for opposition parties.

At the risk of repetition, now that the author has said it all, Anwar’s obvious option is to focus on the economy.

There is no longer an excuse not to start showing the result.

State elections are over. Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli and other Harapan business experts must show what it’s made of and turn the country around.

When that is the definitive direction, there will no longer be flattery against religious bigots, as it will undermine non-Malay support in Harapan.

You can still help the Malays in affirmative action, the status quo, but you must cut off any pretensions of religious agenda.

When focus on economypeople will know and maybe PAS will try to resurface some religious issues and that’s all they can do.

Milshah: I agree with what Günasegaram said about the economy. Improve the economy and help everyone.

But still, isn’t that what any government would do?

I think Harapan’s problem is a structural one.

As Gunasegaram said, the basis is zero tolerance for corruption and yet Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has 47 cases of corruption.

Yes, he is innocent until proven guilty, but you talk about the fight against corruption in the eyes of a voter, but what about your deputy prime minister?

They do not need to think in detail. They think this is not true, they just flag PN during voting. It’s that simple.

Same with Umno and DAP. I know many good DAP leaders and have nothing against them.

Perception is that DAP and Umno don’t mix.

DAP is a meritocracy oriented and Malaysian party, but Umno is all about Malay rights.

Umno and DAP are from the same coalition but have opposing ideologies. I agree that Harapan needs to reconsider its alliance with Umno.

Umno will fail to deliver the Malay votes in the next general election. If Harapan gave Umno 222 seats to compete, Harapan would lose. (delivery failed)

Umno is that bad right now. I may be exaggerating, but Umno won only 17.5 percent of the 108 seats it ran for in the state elections.

But having said that, can Harapan afford to lose Umno’s 30 seats in Parliament? No, because the government will collapse.

Wait for PN to win the next general election.

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