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WHAT YOU SAID | The so-called ‘social contract is here to stay.’

COMMENT | The social contract: a concept not found in the Constitution

New day: Like it or not, the so-called “social contract” is here to stay, at least for the short term.

Something built in 60 years cannot be destroyed in months or even a year. If it happens now, it would be absolute political suicide for the government.

Less than a year into this cobbled government. Unity in goals and objectives is still a work in progress.

Perikatan Nasional is still clear in its intent to overthrow the government, whatever the cost.

Under PN, the “social contract” will be further strengthened.

We must be patient and do our best to ensure that this government stays in power and solidifies our position against the extreme Malay nationalists who want to transform our Constitutional democratic system into a theocratic state.

Only then can we begin the fair reform of the system.

In some ways, Lawyers for Liberty is helping to sabotage the beginning of this process by now pursuing it.

What is the reason for this in this highly volatile period of our political landscape?

Apanama is back: Who cares about the Federal Constitution and Reid Commission reports? These two won’t get votes.

Only “social contract” (always skewed to almost 90 percent majority) and “Ketuanan Melayu” get votes.

Yes, the Reid Commission report talked about reducing the preference and eventually stopping it within 15 years. But in the case of ‘Ketuanan’ it should be preserved and even increased to get more votes.

Zaid needs to understand the truth. The government exists because of the vote. don’t be afraid. Just follow. Look at the big picture where the two are the less bad ones now.

Old: I do not agree. Zayd said it well. I had high hopes for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, but he proved to be a mortal.

The question posed by the student at a dialogue session at the College Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang in Kepala Batas on July 6 is a disturbing fact that needs to be better addressed.

Keep being brave to the young girl who asks Enver disturbing questions.

Cool: Education is one of the biggest problems in our country. Much of this is because incompetent politicians use racist metaphors to gamble with our children’s futures.

Perhaps schoolchildren should be given this article so that the next time a supremacist coward pops up this nonsense, they’ll have more reason to call out.

If the Prime Ministry is unable to answer their questions in a civilized and compassionate manner, it should immediately suspend all further visits to educational institutions, especially those with minority children and youth.

Milshah: It is strange that there are bumiputera and special privileges in the Constitution if there is no social contract.

Why would the founding fathers of different communities agree to differentiate different communities and grant special privileges?

There must be an agreement or understanding that ensures that the provisions in question are incorporated into the Constitution. The essence of the social contract is there.

Kilimanjaro: This notion of social contract was first mentioned by the late Abdullah Ahmad, a journalist and Umno politician.

Special privileges were for a limited time only and would not last forever.

Privileges are privileges, and since the Malays were left behind, it was specifically stated at the time that it was for charity.

It wasn’t for the elite or the super-rich Malays.

Olive branches should be offered to the poor of all races in equal measure, or is your idea of ​​a Malaysia that allows the non-Malay poor to rot?

This is the egregious failure of the Malay leaders, who were always prime ministers, who should be blamed for failing the Malays, instead of making outdated arguments like hiding behind a non-existent social contract.

Only one Malaysian: Indeed, ‘ketuanan’ and social contracts are permanent.

With a growing Malay population and rising poverty in society, any leader who wants to reach the top must support this twin pillar of inequality.

There will never be real reform unless the masses suffer greatly on a Sri Lankan scale.

Only then can common sense prevail for the country to gather the best minds and rebuild this country, regardless of race or religion.

The masses may suffer to get rid of the snake oil dealers and elect real statesmen to rule the country.

If you listen to the speeches of many PN leaders, you no longer want to maintain the social contract.

He continued to question the existence of even non-Malays as citizens with equal rights in this country.

He talks about the abolition of the right of non-Malays to question the ‘Tuans’ and non-Malays involved in running this country.

It demands non-Malays, submissive people who live by the good will of the ‘Tuans’. In this respect Anwar’s ‘social contract’ is a big plus.

Fair play: On a personal level, the Anwar is a singing bird with a wide variety of vocal cords.

He specializes in singing different songs to different listeners at different times of the day and night.

Unfortunately, this is the nature and foundation of Malaysian politics.

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