The Bornless opens a new frontier in multiplayer horror games

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The Bornless is a new entry in the first-person shooter multiplayer horror game from Cathedral Studios. The company released a new trailer today for the game, which is scheduled to be released in 2024.

The game is reminiscent of other popular multiplayer horror games like Hunt: Showdown and Dead by Daylight. I played the beta of the game and it is very fast.

London-based Cathedral Studios is an independent game studio consisting of the developers of series such as Far Cry, Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty. It was started two years ago by two brothers, Toby Saunders and Bobby Saunders. They created a Web3 element for the game.

Head of marketing Jonas Rosbech said in an interview with GamesBeat that to build excitement, Cathedral Studios is scheduling open access weekends once a month until October, and is open to the public every weekend in October. Players can now add The Bornless to their Wish Lists on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The setting of The Bornless.

The Bornless offers an adrenaline-filled experience in a Lovecraftian horror setting. The newly released trailer offers a look at the heart-pounding gameplay, gripping lore and formidable demons players will encounter, including clowns, spiders and snakes designed to trigger phobias.

The trailer also showcases the meticulous attention to detail, cooperative gameplay, intricate character designs and strategic elements that the company hopes will set The Bornless apart from its peers. The game promises a creepy and atmospheric backdrop that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Setting and demons

Orobas is a demon in The Bornless.

The free-to-play game is set in a town called Farmouth in the 1800s. The developers are testing AI storytelling, where you can communicate with an angel, an AI-based non-player character.

The game immerses you in a dark and spooky world where evil forces are intertwined with the human kingdom. The Bornless sets the stage for an exciting co-op game environment where the victorious team prevails. Uncover the secrets of the sinister Church of Orobas (one of the demons) and battle against unholy forces that threaten to upset the balance of the universe. Survival in this nightmarish world will depend on your strategy, courage and intelligence.

In The Bornless, players can join or form a faction and unlock access to safe houses, special base-building tools, and competitive tournaments. “The service system serves as a clan with benefits,” said Branton Lansdale, head of games at Cathedral Studios. Group leaders and communities are rewarded with membership in Solomon’s Council, exclusive previews, and more.”

Landsale hopes the game will stand out for its deep knowledge, vibrant characters, and diverse skill system. Each of the eight playable characters scheduled for release have complex and compelling back stories. The Bornless prides itself on its storytelling, as it penned a short novel that set the scene for one of its land-inspired characters, Harry.

You can play different maps or participate in scenarios with different demons. I played on maps with a toothy creature known as Orobas. And there’s a huge snake-like creature named Botis.


Stay close to your ally in The Bornless.

Rosbech said the game will feature symmetrical modes, such as 2v2v2v2 multiplayer with four teams of two, as in Hunt: Showdown. Or asymmetric modes, like in Dead by Daylight, where all players can face off against a single demon. You can choose from a variety of playable heroes.

If you join a faction, you can take things from the game and return them to the faction’s safe house, where collective resources will benefit the entire faction. You can also decorate the faction house.

I’m glad the game has Xbox controller support so I can play FPS in a familiar way. Sometimes I had trouble opening boxes because I needed to be at the right distance. We started with a symmetric two-versus-two game.

We needed to find markings in the landscape, such as a red lantern, pointing to where we could find a red cauldron where you could try to summon a demon. If you do this, the demon will spawn and hunt the enemy team. First we bought and produced Orobas.

Orobas have brought so much grief and fear to our opponents. The second time we gave birth to the demon Orobas, it killed us by accident in the code. You can also buy weapons and find ammo. You can get a shotgun, rifle or the most powerful weapon, the Tommy Gun.

The team is considering whether to let the player control the hunting demon like Orobas or let the AI ​​control him. It was easier for us to get around the town, but some maps are set in the dark of the forest, where all you need is a flashlight to guide you and show yourself to others. If your companion falls to the ground, you can revive the fighter before they bleed if you’re close enough.

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The lantern points the way to the red cauldron in The Bornless.

I enjoyed the fast and exciting gameplay while trying to figure out where the enemy teams are and where the demon Orobas are. On top of that, we needed to find resources, weapons and ammo – which meant we had to be constantly on the go. The challenge was that it was harder to follow your teammate, but you also had the shock of never knowing whether someone running was on your team or the enemies. Friendly fire was opened.

Creators and early testers expressed their excitement for The Bornless. “The game has a lot of deployables – it’s a great game,” says SpikeReacts, a well-known creator. UntilRagnarokGG adds: “The Bornless is a much needed member of the Horror Gaming community.”

Despite the challenges of starting a new studio and creating a unique world, Cathedral Studios has remained committed to perfecting the game’s narrative and improving the gameplay experience over the years.

Toby Saunders, CEO of Cathedral Studios, said: “We aspire to be a leader in technology, but for us the story is very important. We tried to weave a gripping, captivating narrative while providing an enjoyable gaming experience.”

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