‘The Uncanny Counter’ season two review: a super-powered sophomore collapse

TThe long-awaited second season Mysterious Counter jumps straight into the action: A group of kindergarten students board a bus that is about to board, completely oblivious to the eerie crimson glow in the bus driver’s eyes. With a manic look in his eyes, the demon rider (Heo Dong-won) races through the city, screaming fear from the children. When the vehicle crosses into the Opposite zone, we reunite with our beloved heroes So Mun (Choi Byeong-gu), Ga Mo-tak (Yoo Jun-sang), Chu Mae-ok (Yum Hye-ran) and Do Ha-. na (Kim Se-jeong) – the one who reckoned with the demon and saved the children.

For those who don’t know, the Counters are people whose bodies are occupied by spirits called Yung, this is only possible when the person is in an extremely weak physical condition – either on the verge of death or in a coma and with little chance of recovery. These spirits, when associated with their human counterparts, provide these chosen humans with supernatural powers such as high speed, strength, telepathy, and curly hair (for some reason). Human and Yung form a symbiotic relationship occupying the same vessel while having two separate streams of consciousness.

mysterious counter 2 review
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The morals and intentions of these Yungs who own people is where things get complicated. While spirits with evil intentions such as revenge, murder, and chaos use this ability to wreak havoc on the real world, there are good spirits who use their powers to protect the real world from these evil spirits. Our rabble Counter team, each with their own tragic backstory of how they became Counters and their own unique abilities, falls into the latter category, working as a team to protect the Jungjin townspeople as best they can.

Mysterious Counter Season one ended on a relatively unequivocal note after defeating a particularly powerful demon, but season two introduces viewers to an even greater evil. The ruthless demon trio led by Hwang Pil-kwang (Kang Ki-young), Gelly (Kim Hieora) and Wong (Kim Hyun-wook) destroyed a team of Counters in China, assimilated their abilities and now head towards Jungjin.

Meanwhile, Yung has found a new soul path to the Souls Immigration Office, a metaphysical realm where he has been assigned to his human hosts, and Jungjin’s Counters are tasked with searching for a new counter to join the team. However, the search for this new counter is forced to accelerate when Pil-kwang’s team becomes aware of the enormous threat posed to the Korean people. Cue Na Jeok-bong (Yoo In-soo) is a carefree rancher with a long journey ahead of her, despite her kind heart and goodwill, before fulfilling her destiny as a demon hunter alongside the team.

Actors Kang Ki-young and Yoo In-soo, who are newcomers to an already hit drama, are holding their place beautifully in this new drama. The first commands a menacing presence Mysterious Counter 2‘s primary foe, the latter a charming rookie and student of the Counter team, and brings an air of youthful simplicity to the otherwise complex events of the series.

With new villains and conflicts to be introduced, Mysterious Counter 2 It spins the usual K-drama clichés you’d expect from such a crime-comedy show, with cases like black market bodies and real estate scams, and as a result, it digs its own grave. It fails to neatly combine these fragmented stories into one smooth, overarching narrative. One of the only bright aspects of the new script is that it doesn’t require you to watch season one as a prerequisite – aside from some inside jokes and backstories from the main cast, season two introduces new conflicts and an entirely new storyline. dynamics to watch on your own.

However, if you’re looking for a revival of the once-vivid mix of humor, friendship, action, and emotional travel in season two, you won’t find it here.Mysterious Counter‘s first season has emerged as one of the best K-dramas of 2020, with the perfect mix of side-swept humor, adrenaline-pumping action sequences, and touching emotional arcs. Season two tries to return to these heights, but fails to recapture that magic.

Despite Evil and Crazy screenwriter Kim Sae-bon mostly manages to bring back elements that people loved in the first season; pure screen magic found in the tight, lively script of former screenwriter Yeo Ji-na, who left the drama mid-season. highly publicized creative discussion – it simply couldn’t be copied. From what we’ve seen so far, while we hope things will improve as the series progresses, Mysterious Counter 2 it is shaping up to be just a shadow of its predecessor.

The Uncanny Counter season two It airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvN and can also be watched on Netflix in select regions.

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