Trot star YoungTak says #Jin is his inspiration to restart his music career

trot feeling in 2021 YoungTak’s “Jjin-iya” took social media by storm. The catchy, repetitive chorus, “Jin, Jin, Jin, Jjin-iya”, playfully BTS’ Jinstage name. The playful coincidence of BTS members who joined the fun and made the meme even stronger did not disappear. Meanwhile, the trot track has gained immense popularity in South Korea.

YoungPlugHe opened up in an interview about the unprecedented fame the song had bestowed on him. He stated that Jin played an important role in reviving his music career and was a source of inspiration for the artist. YoungTak talked about becoming famous even overseas thanks to the viral hit “Jjin-iya”. had the opportunity to give concerts. Philippines, Manila, Thailand, Indonesia and other Asian countries. Remarkably, YoungTak consistently expresses his gratitude to Jin in almost every interview. Jin also added the song to his playlist of favorite songs to listen to while taking a shower.

Here is the translation of the interview with YoungTak:

“He faced many challenges before his trot career.”

There was a period in my career when I was influenced by the facts, thinking that a singer does not have a large income. I started teaching children for 2-3 years. While I was doing this, people around me were complimenting me and saying, ‘I think you’re a great teacher,’ so I think I was able to continue to do that in those years.said.

He revealed”I can honestly say that at that time I put aside my desire to write music and was very upset that I could not perform. I am grateful for the different people I meet, the events I attend, the stages I play and the broadcasts I take part in.“.

I think this is a big miracle for me. The truth is, I’m a singer who stopped and gave up because I had no income. But thanks to these experiences, living a better life for my future has been a great motivation for me.said.

On December 6, 2020, Young Tak performed the song “Jjin-iya”. 2020 Melon Music Awards (MMA) Week program.

I am very grateful to the BTS members, especially Jin, because I once had an episode where I was able to perform at an awards ceremony. And that award ceremony coincided with BTS Jin’s birthday.‘ said Young Tak. He added, ‘As you know, the song I sing always says ‘Jjin, Jjin, Jjin’. So BTS, “Who is this Jjin, Jjin, Jjhin guy?” he thought. That’s why my song went viral too. And I think it’s been a door to more recognition for my song.

Another episode is when Jin himself was able to appear on a TV show. He mentioned that he listens to my song ‘Why Do You Come From There’ whenever he takes a shower. I’m so grateful for your shouting. I hope when I have a chance to meet him in the future, I can treat him to delicious food.,” said Young Tak.

It’s amazing how such a funny coincidence has increased the recognition of a great artist like him. YoungPlug, enables him to pursue his passion on a larger scale.

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