Watch: Lee Junho, YoonA, and More Say Goodbye to ‘King The Land’ with Closing Speeches

Lee Junho, YoonA, and more bid farewell to ‘King the Land’!

“King the Land” tells the unexpected love story of Gu Won (2PM’s Lee Junho), a chaebol heir who can’t stand fake smiles, and the ever-smiling Cheon Sa Rang (Girls’ Generation’s YoonA). Queen of smiles as she rises at the King Hotel”.

On August 6, “King the Land” aired its finale, with a nationwide average rating of 13.8 percent (according to Nielsen Korea), making it the highest viewing rate for its entire broadcast. On the last day of filming, the actors thanked the audience and shared their closing words.

Lee Junho said, “I sincerely thank all the staff and [fellow] Actors who have worked really hard for this series for the last 9 months. Thanks to all of you, we are able to finish the drama well and safely.” YoonA said, “During the first script reading, I said I wish I could maintain a bright smile throughout the entire filming process of the drama. I’m glad we did. [to do so and] Complete the drama well. I hope [‘King the Land’] it can take a lot of love. I am grateful that we were able to complete production safely. Thank you.”

After the last scene they shot, Lee Junho said, “We enjoyed filming this project for four seasons last year and worked hard for it. Filming is now over, but we’ll be back as Lee Junho and YoonA and join you as you watch as an audience.” YoonA added, “I hope it’s a drama that will stay in your heart for a long time and watch it with joy and happiness.”

Finally, Lee Junho humorously said, “I want to sincerely thank the viewers. Thank you. I hope the days ahead are filled with salvation. [‘Guwon’ in Korean] and the love [‘Sarang’ in Korean] in your life.”

Go Won Hee, who played Oh Pyung Hwa, said, “As I remember, we’ve been together for quite some time since September last year. It’s unfortunate that it’s over but I’m glad we finished it. [the drama] here at the wedding together. I think I will miss working with other actors a lot as it is a drama that also showcases a close friendship. Filming was always fun and I always wanted to come to the set as soon as possible, so I think it will be a drama that will remind me of that friendship. [in the future too]”

Kim Ga Eun, who played the role of Kang Da Eul, said, “We’ve been filming for about eight months and although it seems like a long time, I enjoyed filming for it so much that I think it’s a shame. I have to let it go now. Thanks to the positive Da Eul, it’s a very good one. “I was energized and able to enjoy shooting. I want to thank the directors, writers, crew, and fellow actors for their hard work. Finally, I am grateful to all the viewers who come to watch ‘King the Land’ every week.”

Ahn Se Ha, who plays Noh Sang Sik, said, “I’m sorry I won’t be able to see the members again in the drama since we’ve gotten so close. I think I will remember [this drama] I was very happy shooting ‘King the Land’ for a long time. The director was great and the staff were very kind to us on set, so I think I managed to shoot the movie happily. So happy for the six siblings Junho, YoonA, Ga Eun, Jae Won, and Won Hee! Thank you.”

Lastly, Kim Jae Won, who played the role of Lee Ro Woon, said, “The ‘King the Land’ and Pyung Hwa Ro Woon Couple has finally come to an end. ‘King the Land’ is a drama that features the days and nights of many people’s hard work. I personally put in a lot of love and intimacy, so please show her lots of love and look forward to it. Please always take care of your health, see you in another beautiful project. Bye!”

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