Why is RM apologizing to Muslims on Twitter? ‘Bad Religion’ Instagram story controversy investigated

On August 16, 2023, BTS’s RM shared a controversial song on Instagram in his story, Frank Ocean’s bad religionReceiving negative response from Muslim fans. Many people evaluated the song as Islamophobic because of its lyrics and shared their views on the subject on social media.

Disclaimer: This article contains references to Islamophobia*bia and homophobia*bia. Recommended at readers discretion.

A few netizens are saying that Frank Ocean’s song bad religion He was Islamophobic and asked RM to apologize to his fans for posting the same thing online. While some defended the artist, others expressed their disappointment and stated that they were disappointed.

Netizens split by RM shares bad religion on Instagram story

Frank Ocean’s bad religion Since its publication in 2012, it has sparked controversy among Muslims and various segments of society. When RM shared the song in question on his Instagram story, netizens split and came up with two theories.

The first suggested that the song contained Islamophobic lyrics that hurt the feelings of the Muslim community, while the second theory revolved around a depiction of unrequited love involving a gay man. The lyrics of the song shared by the BTS star caused great controversy on the internet.

In the song Frank Ocean sings:

“This, this is bad religion. Falling in love with someone. Who can never love you. Ah, oh, oh, just bad, just bad religion. It might make me feel that way too.”

He continues:

“And you say ‘Allahu Akbar’. I said to him, ‘Don’t curse me.’ ‘Bo Bo, you need prayer’. I guess it can’t hurt me, if it makes me kneel, it’s a bad religion.

The words include “Allahu Akbar”, an Arabic phrase often associated with Islam, meaning “God is greatest.” The phrase “if it makes me kneel, it’s a bad religion” has also generated mixed reactions, considering that many faiths, including Islam, involve kneeling during prayer. Netizens commented that this line referred to Islam as a ‘bad religion’.

The reasons mentioned have forced fans to take a stand against RM as they believe he has posted an Islamophobic song online. They urged him to apologize to his Muslim fans he had offended, and described him as a “hypocrite” for previously speaking about anti-racism and equality.

While the artist faced backlash from several netizens, some defended and believed her. bad religion It was not about expressing hatred towards the Muslim community. They believed the song was about unrequited love between two men.

Netizen’s analysis of Bad Religion (Image via Twitter)

They stated that Frank Ocean discussed the difficulties of being gay and emphasized the pain of unrequited love with his song. Even though the song sounded Islamophobic, they also believed that the artist conveyed that he hated all religions because they did not accept him and his identity.

Netizen’s analysis of Bad Religion (Image via Twitter)

ARMYs also explained that the line “unrequited love is nothing more than a cult of one person” conveys the idea of ​​idolizing someone who does not reciprocate one’s feelings, resulting in feelings of rejection.

Fans suggested that Frank Ocean labeled his unrequited love for another man a “bad religion.” They believed that the song essentially advocated love and denounced homophobia.

They stated that RM shared the song because of its expressive nature, which is in line with his appreciation for the hidden meanings in artistic works.

The controversy sparked an argument online between the two supporter sections. Now, several people are demanding that RM apologize to the Muslim community, while others claim that the artist has nothing to apologize for.

The BTS member has not responded to the ongoing controversy as of this writing.

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