“Will they be revealed?” Here’s Why Korean Netizens Are Finding The Timing Of Fifty Fifty’s Letter So Suspicious

Is the letter a sincere appeal to fans or preventative damage control?

Korean netizens react FIFTY FIFTY Member’s letter to fans.

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On August 17, FIFTY FIFTY reached out to fans in a handwritten letter for the first time since their disagreement. Fascination.

FIFTY FIFTY Speaks Out For The First Time Since Their Case Begun By Sharing A Handwritten Letter To Fans

Members of the group stated in their letter that they were disappointed by the misunderstandings and misinformation in the media.

We also know that many of you are confused by the current media and the news in the press. Misunderstandings and accusations are rampant. This has shocked us deeply and we are going through a difficult time.

However, despite these difficulties, we believe that there is a truth that needs to be revealed. And we have a strong belief that when this becomes clear, our fans will understand and support us even more.


The group maintained its stance that they wanted to terminate their contract with ATTRAKT and its CEO. Jeon Hong Joononly by writing that they want to promote in an environment they can trust.

However, we wanted to take this opportunity to right the wrongs that were difficult in our relationship with the agency first. And we had no choice but to protect our music.

Therefore, after much thought, our members decided to take this path. We will continue to move forward by making careful decisions to overcome the current confusion and challenges.”


Korean netizens reacted to the letter with skepticism. Many criticized the group for alleged misunderstandings and misinformation, but did not specify what they were. Netizens also criticized the letter for not providing any factual evidence compared to CEO Jeon Hong Joon, who provided text messages and phone calls that he allegedly disclosed. givers CEO Ahn Sung City plotting and falsifying his background, career, and academic achievements.

  • “His letters tell us nothing.”
  • “If you think there are misunderstandings, explain them.”
  • “I’m not sure what they mean when they say ‘pressure them using bad tactics’. Considering everything that came up, what were they pressured to do?
  • “Who pulls the strings here? Is he a swindler?”
  • “What’s the misunderstanding? There’s tons of recorded evidence on ATTRAKT, but the members say nothing but claim there was a misunderstanding.”
  • “Seriously, what do they say? If you want to clear up any misunderstanding, you should meet your company. Why not meet the label?
  • “But do they need fans for someone to believe them? LOL… Who will believe them now?
  • “You’ve just been cancelled.”
  • “What’s the misunderstanding? They keep saying they’ll reveal the truth, but despite the clamor they’ve made, they haven’t offered anything.”

The letter also arrives just one day before it is published. Unanswered questions‘ Documentary about ELLI ELLI’s legal dispute with ATTRAKT. Unanswered questions It is a research series known for getting to the root of some of Korea’s most explosive secrets.

Unanswered Questions Poster | SBS

Many netizens claimed that the timing of the letter was questionable, and many claimed that the letter appeared to be an anticipated damage control attempt. Unanswered questions section.

  • “I will make sure to follow you Unanswered questions~.”
  • “They must be very nervous at the thought of going on TV for the first time.”
  • “Will they be exposed? Unanswered questions? The timing of the letter is questionable.”
  • “Is that why they wrote this? Unanswered questions? They’re making a mess today.”
  • “Usually, people who are exposed Unanswered questions Do things like write a letter the day before the episode airs.
  • “Koreans hate backstabbing the most.”
  • “Is something going on this week? Unanswered questions? Ah! I didn’t know, but I will definitely watch it.”
  • “Looks like they’re nervous Unanswered QuestionS.”
  • “I will learn Unanswered questions

You can watch the episode trailer of Fifty Fifty of Unanswered Questions below.

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